Black cabinets that render

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Ted Allen
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Black cabinets that render

Postby Ted Allen » Fri, Mar 23 2007, 8:42PM

Has anyone done a black design that shows or renders effectively in Ecabs.

I have tried solid black. It either doesn't show lines without enough light or looks washed out if I intensify the lights.


Michael Yeargain
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Postby Michael Yeargain » Fri, Mar 23 2007, 9:00PM


I haven't done pure black, but I have succesfully done a dark grey. The lighting is a beast working with dark cabinets. But that is the trick.

You may want to apply a 4-7 on the shine to the cabinets and using a mid grey for the cabinets color.

Kerry has an expanded knowlege base in this area he may have some better suggestions.
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Paul Ellis
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Postby Paul Ellis » Sat, Mar 24 2007, 7:31AM

Have a look at this post. ... 2#img_1075
It does not look like total black, but rather a very dark grey
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Kerry Fullington
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Postby Kerry Fullington » Sat, Mar 24 2007, 8:45AM

I use slightly different textures or color settings for the doors, face frames, box parts, and moldings. This allows for a little definition of each of these parts so that they don't just melt together. Michael is correct about playing with the shine settings. Id you Have multiple textures you can set different shines for each of them which also provides more definition of each part. Also drop light fixtures down low which will light up as well as ceiling fixtures lighting down. With black avoid placing lighting in the cabinet or behind the cabinets as this will cast shadows on the front of the cabinets making the part definition face.

Paul Huff
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Postby Paul Huff » Sun, Mar 25 2007, 9:46AM

My thinking on this is never use pure black or white.
Think of it like this. Black is for shadows and white is for light.
I have made off white cabinets render fairly well. I tried some black appliances not long ago in white cabinets and could not get it to work. I ended up changing the appliances to another color.

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