Problem Saving Cabinets in Vista

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Problem Saving Cabinets in Vista

Postby ScotAcree » Wed, Apr 11 2007, 8:13AM

I read all the warnings about running Vista, but I had to make the change, because I bought a new laptop and only Vista was offered.

I was thinking about setting up a duo-boot running XP, but thought I would try to see if Vista would work first before spending the extra money.

I've also read Rick Destin's post on page 5, March 4th, about how to set up and run Vista. I have gone through that method.

Here's the problem: When in the Cabinet Editor, I bring up a standard cabinet and make changes, then save the cabinet to the directory with a new name, everything works fine. Then I hit the New icon to start over, bring the cabinet back up, make changes to the cabinet, then hit Save, I get an error that says, \"An unname file contains an invalid path.\" So the only way I am able to save the changes that I have made is to give it a new name. Then I have multiple cabinets in the directory.

If I try to exit out of the cabinet that crashed, then click New, it says, \"There are unsaved files in the current assembly.\" So the only way I can delete the cabinet is to completely exit out of e-Cabinets.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Postby Dean Fehribach » Fri, Apr 13 2007, 8:45AM

Duplicate post. This thread is now locked.

Refer to the first here:
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