Using splines in the shape manager

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Roger Erismann
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Using splines in the shape manager

Postby Roger Erismann » Sat, Jun 23 2007, 11:28PM

I was trying to use splines in the shape manager and then import the geometry to the parts editor....

A couple of things are going on:

Splines won't extend or trim
After I save the geometry only a portion of it shows up in the parts editor
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Kerry Fullington
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Postby Kerry Fullington » Sun, Jun 24 2007, 7:50AM

I might be wrong but I don't think splines work in the Part Editor, they must be converted to a series of arcs. You can create a tool using splines in the Shape Manager and the tool will work in the Part Editor but the geometry won't.

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Al Navas
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Postby Al Navas » Sun, Jun 24 2007, 7:53AM


Apparently, the spline tool does not work properly within eCabs, as it is not supported in the program. I found several threads that address this issue. Click on the links:

1. Use 3-point arcs to recreate a spline.

2. More of the same, using 3-point arcs.

3. And the one thread that states that splines are not supported.

You might want to try using 3-point arcs to create the curves you need.

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Sebastien Boileau
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Postby Sebastien Boileau » Fri, Nov 16 2007, 11:19AM

I found a utility addon for autocad it's called \"splineConvert\" it does what the name says, convert's splines into arcs so it can now be imported to the shape manager, here's the link: ... 2,%20trial)


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