How Old are Thermwood users?

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How old are you?

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Bill Rutherford
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Postby Bill Rutherford » Thu, Aug 18 2005, 11:40AM

It still hurts to pay the prices we are paying, but check these numbers out. They were part of an article on MSNBC These are the prices as converted into US dollars.

Netherlands $6.77 per gallon :!: :!: :!:
Norway $6.56 per gallon
Denmark $6.29 per gallon
Belgium $6.02 per gallon
United Kingdom $6.02 per gallon

I am not sure how their wages compare to ours, but I wonder what a good pair of walking sneakers goes for over there :D :D

Bill R

Dan Craig
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Postby Dan Craig » Thu, Aug 18 2005, 1:36PM

one of the big problems we have with fuel prices and such here in the states is how wide we like to spread out. we put our cities far apart, our country is large, we like large vehicles and we don't have particularly efficent mass-transit. (Some cities are good but from city to city is where we really suffer, and if you live in the suburbs as so many of us do...there's no hope).

Michael Yeargain
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Postby Michael Yeargain » Thu, Aug 18 2005, 9:35PM

Many countries use the McDonalds hamburger as a meathod of the conversion madness. What is the cost of a McDonalds BigMac meal?

Here it's about $3.50

Humor me


I'm a super size guy my self but I'm on a diet so lets go with the regular
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Glenn Van Reason
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Postby Glenn Van Reason » Thu, Aug 18 2005, 9:42PM

Regular or Super Size?

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Dean Fehribach
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Postby Dean Fehribach » Fri, Aug 19 2005, 9:11AM

Glenn Van Reason wrote:Regular or Super Size?

LOL :joker:
Dean Fehribach
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