Anybody using Valen for drawerboxes?

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Gene Davis

Anybody using Valen for drawerboxes?

Postby Gene Davis » Sat, Nov 03 2007, 11:15AM

The only hardwood available from them for d'box sides is euro steamed beech, which they probably bring into their NC location by the container load.

Common method of shipment (and freight is included in price when you buy this way) is KD, meaning a d'box is in 5 pieces. It is all prefinished, and you dab a little glue into the pin sockets, knock it all together, and voila.

Height availability is increments of 1\", I believe, and depths the same. Widths are anything between min and max in 1mm increments. Interesting program, allowing them to large-batch produce sides and bottom blanks, then do the front-back-bottoms on a to-order basis.

Pricing seems to discount on a per-order size basis, rather than some expectation of history of your periodic volume. The first break is at 16 d'boxes, which is about what a normal sized kitchen has.

They will do certain things like scoop fronts, notch + hole for just about anybody's undermount slide, and more.

Anybody? I am curious, and may get a sample.

Terry Davis
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Postby Terry Davis » Sat, Nov 03 2007, 11:36AM

Try here this is where we buy our white mdf file drawers.

Gene Davis

Postby Gene Davis » Sat, Nov 03 2007, 12:07PM

CCF is probably an excellent drawerbox source. That is all they do.

But their \"retail\" pricing is all I get when they quote, and it is too high for my taste. I am too small an operation to receive any discount from them.

I'm hoping someone can report on Valen.

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