Ecabs would not start in front of a customer

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Postby DanEpps » Wed, Nov 21 2007, 6:59AM

mikesand wrote:Dan you especially surprise me, after a year or more of following your work I respect your abilities. I use the techniques you shared with me in my renderings to this day. Or maybe it was Kerry, I forget.

That had to be Kerry as my skills with renderings are severely lacking and his are the best.

I did use the software in the last month, but the times I used it there was not a Internet connection available.

In future versions you will have to have an internet connection to add items such as doors, drawers and hardware as they will come directly from the member store.

The sticky that Dan was so nice to highlight says nothing about the expiration issue.

It certainly fact, it states that is the only reason for the update (see attachment).

Rick Palechuk wrote:It's time to throw down the torches and pitch-forks. We're all brothers in this. We all stand up for our software. The time is now that we forgive and forget, and put an end to this thread.

Hear, hear. Many of us get very defensive when eCabinets or Thermwood is attacked...we shouldn't but we do.

By the way Mike, that is some great looking work. I too have been accused of not being a professional because I never post pictures of my work. Shake it off and don't let that bother you.
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Greg Smith
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Postby Greg Smith » Wed, Nov 21 2007, 8:24AM

I know Thermwood has the liscencing by year issue, but would it be possible to change to a warning to 'This program will 5 more times with out updating.....' after the time has expired. Some times we get caught and this might make finding our mistake a little gentler. Just a thought.

Michael S Murray
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Postby Michael S Murray » Wed, Nov 21 2007, 8:34AM

Hey Mike,
I apologize about my attack, I understand your frustration. I once had a job dissapear in front of my clients, I had about 14 hours in it and as I remember, I never did recover it. I do stand by the fact though that Thermwood is not at fault here. The e-mail was sent, the stickey was posted. The reason that you never picked up on the banter on the forum that usually accompanies a new release is that it was only a time extension and so no new bugs or features for that matter were in it.

I beleive that part of the reason you got so much gruff from all of us was partly timing, lately we have had a member or two attack the software with less than constructive critisism and then your post apears, probably hit some of us as wrong.

Beleive me, I do realize how important this software is to a lot of people, and although we are allowed to use it for free, I still have thousands of dollars invested in it in learning and impleminting it into my business. I have at least 5 families that directly depend on my business every week and I depend on e-cabs to perform every day as that is where it all starts for my shop, very little gets done before I get it ready to go to the router and I depend on e-cabs for 95% of that.

I visit a lot of forums, probably spend 30 minutes a day looking through them for useful information. A lot of them have some jerks on them. E-cabs forum has been great for a long time with very few bad apples.
I for one would like to see it stay this way, a place to come and get help, offer help and if need be offer ways to imporove the software in your view, or ask for things to be impleminted that would help you in your business.

Okay, so there went my 30 min for the forums today, I do apologize if I misread the intent of your post. Lets get this forum back on the right track 100% for the benefit of the members and improving this software.
Mike Murray
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Postby mikesand » Wed, Nov 21 2007, 10:28AM

Thank yall for understanding. What was said about recient attacks on the forum makes sense. I know I came off strong,but my frustration doesn't reflect my feelings towards the program. I am a true convert to the Ecabs way. Because I am a one man show I can spend weeks in the shop or on the site without having a reason to use Ecabs.

I should have cooled down before I made that post. I apologize for instigating this clash. I will definately will not fall to this quirk in the program again. I just hope others don't either. Most Ecabs users do not spend a lot of time on the forum.


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Postby DanEpps » Wed, Nov 21 2007, 11:20AM

mikesand wrote:...I should have cooled down before I made that post...

Don't beat yourself up Mike, we all should have cooled off before posting. :oops:

...Most Ecabs users do not spend a lot of time on the forum...

That's unfortunate but true. This forum is a wealth of knowledge and information that every user should take advantage of daily.

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Mike Bowers
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Postby Mike Bowers » Wed, Nov 21 2007, 12:17PM

DanEpps wrote:ROTFLMAO!!!

Joe Dusel wrote:When something goes wrong in my shop I just shout "God DanEpps!!!"...

Go ahead Joe, I get blamed for everything here whether I did it or not. :lol:

Thats way too funny!!

I had a problem with the program once in front of customer, I did email TW with this 1 job way back when, I can't remember what results they had. Never happened with any other job before or after that one. That ONE stinkin' job file!
It seemed like eternity for the file to open, then if you changed anything it took way too much time to save changes, I'm talkin' forever! The laptop was going into hibernation mode before it could save all changes. Major PITA.Fortunately I brought a printed set of drawings & pics that closed the deal. In fact, I'd bet if I opened(If I had my laptop with me) that file, all hell would break loose again! I'm getting annoyed just thinking about it.

Mike S, I'm sorry you had issues with the program but do do occurs. CYA in the future.

Mike B
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