Program expires

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Russell Walker
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Program expires

Postby Russell Walker » Mon, Nov 19 2007, 12:24AM

Hi All

I haven't used eCabs for a few weeks, and went to open it this morning only to be told it had expired. I have only just been able to reinstall it with the help of eCabs, but am now back to square one. I am at work and have downloaded what I think is the latest update, and will try it when I get home.

But, the main reason I have posted this article is: why does this program have to expire. The greatest cabinet design program in the world(which we all have the privilage to use for free), and I would be happy to just use V4 or V5 for the rest of my life without adding anything to it.

As I said, I can't understand why it needs to expire: can anyone tell me why this must happen.

Cheers, Russell

Geo Noeth
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Postby Geo Noeth » Mon, Nov 19 2007, 6:41AM

I'm sure that there are technical reasons that those more knowledgeable than I can explain to you. Here are a couple of reasons that come to mind.

The software creates files that are used by their routers to cut parts. For that reason the versions of E-Cabs in the field must be kept current with the router software. If you are a production sharing member (cutting parts for others), you could not handle receiving files from members on ten different versions of the software

I understand that portions of the software are leased by Thermwood from other companies, when these expire the company pays these other vendors to renew these leases. The cost of these leases is based on the number of copies currently in use. I guess they do not wish to pay for copies that were issued years ago and are no longer used.

I'm sure that this is a vast over simplification of this issue just some laymen's thoughts.

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Jason Susnjara
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Postby Jason Susnjara » Mon, Nov 19 2007, 9:42AM

Hi Russell,

There is a reason for eCabinets to expire. Because we use other software companies like Hoops, Lightworks, etc... for the software and because we give the software away for free, we have to pay license fees on a yearly basis. The license fees are based on eCabinet registrations. Per our contract we have to update the software yearly. The software should warn the user that the time is about to expire giving you a week and day countdown. We also post on the forum about the update as well as email all members about this expiration ahead of time. Hopefully I have explained this well enough. :)

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Russell Walker
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Software expire

Postby Russell Walker » Mon, Nov 19 2007, 11:21PM

Hi Jason & Geo

Thats all I needed to know, just curious as to why.

I will keep a watchfull eye on the updates from now on.

Cheers Russell

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