applied end on base cabinet with toe kick

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bob magnuson
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applied end on base cabinet with toe kick

Postby bob magnuson » Thu, Feb 28 2008, 3:21PM

I have a couple base cabinets that need applied ends. The applied ends will be a 'shaker' style. I am unsure how this will look with the toe kick notch. It would be much easier if the toe kick notch wasn't there. What do others do for applied ends when a toe kick is present?



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Mark Fese
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Re: applied end on base cabinet with toe kick

Postby Mark Fese » Thu, Feb 28 2008, 4:20PM

Bob, There are 2 different applications we use, 1st if you create the same recess on the finished end as you do on the face then it takes the notch out of play,2nd If they insist on the finished end being strait to the floor with a face frame cabinet add the same amount of height of your toe to the face frame width (example: if your bottom rail on the cabinet face is 1 1/2" and your toe kick height is 4" make the bottom rail of your finished end 5 1/2" allowing you to notch the end and the panel will align with your door panel. hope that makes sence. Mark. Outlaw Carpenters 2009

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Perry Pravettone
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Re: applied end on base cabinet with toe kick

Postby Perry Pravettone » Thu, Feb 28 2008, 7:56PM

We do the same as Mark

Perry Pravettone

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