Counter display in line drawing

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David Kopriva
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Counter display in line drawing

Postby David Kopriva » Tue, Mar 18 2008, 2:10PM

Having trouble getting a counter top to display in line drawing. Have tried the create counter, and dispaly panel without success. SInce I use allot of P.Lam for counter tops I want the counter to display so that I can nest it and machine the piece. To display the counter top in line drawing is a must since designers or architects have to sign off on the drawings for approval. Commerical shops will understand my dilemna the best. Can anyone help? :wall:

Justin Melhiser

Re: Counter display in line drawing

Postby Justin Melhiser » Tue, Mar 18 2008, 2:28PM

If you create a room and place your cabinets in this room then add counter tops, you will be able to take the room to the LDE and your counter tops will show up in there.

Lee Gernandt
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Re: Counter display in line drawing

Postby Lee Gernandt » Tue, Mar 18 2008, 3:09PM

Try associating those objects to a wall in the detail room screen otherwise if you just take an elavation to the LDE, it doesn't show up. Lee

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