some thing buggy...

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some thing buggy...

Postby markvan » Fri, May 30 2008, 3:53PM

Here is a short description of something funny going on since 5.2 (build 1)

After countertops have been added to a kitchen...when editing a cabinet in the cabinet editor, after exiting the editor a new piece of 'countertop' is appearing protruding from my sink cabinet. I can not delete this piece, or the main countertop that it appears to be associated with. I have to reload the last saved layout that did not have this issue, and redo what ever work was done since that point. I have had it happen a few time with this layout, after editing differant cabinets...all though the 'new' countertop seems to appear in the same place. Attached is a pic and the kitchen file for your inspection.

Keep up the great work...I really like the changes made in 5.2.

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screen shot of layout
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Justin Melhiser

Re: some thing buggy...

Postby Justin Melhiser » Mon, Jul 28 2008, 1:31PM

I loaded your job and went to the counter editor. I double clicked on the counter top and click on delete counter top at the left hand side. I added the new counter top and everything seems to be fine. Here is the job file. If this still happens please let me know.

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Re: some thing buggy...

Postby Damon Nabors » Mon, Jul 28 2008, 7:13PM

You could use that as a cutting board. :D
Damon Nabors

Justin Melhiser

Re: some thing buggy...

Postby Justin Melhiser » Tue, Jul 29 2008, 7:32AM

I forgot to upload the file. Hereit is.
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