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Joe Redburn
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Postby Joe Redburn » Wed, Jun 18 2008, 9:16PM

Dear Guru's
I am climbing the learning curve and have found that an assembly won't resize all of the parts when the main cabinet is changed.
It is bad enough to have to load a cabinet in a room, take it out, resize and put it back in when a flyout would let you do it right in the room. When you have to take an assembly out of the room, resize three of four different cabinets to get all the parts the same size and then go back to the room, this is time consuming and prone to error.
Most of us are short on time when it comes to putting out estimates and proposals so every little bit helps.
I am trying to put together a library of cabinets that can be used by the commercial and the low end residential builders. This means plywood or chip board (UGG) boxes with laminate or wood vernier; MDF slab doors and drawers etc. I can use partitions and shelves to add the vernier or laminate and they will resize with the cabinets. The pieces show up in the cut lists and the cost lists even if they do have the wrong names on them.
The backs, doors and drawer fronts are a problem. I have to bring two or more cabinets into the CE, cut them up and move them until they line up and then after I use them in a room, the cut sheets are hard to keep straight. Since I don't have a CNC machine I don't know how they would behave in a nest.
I don't expect you to sit down and re-wright the whole program based on one persons rant, but there are a lot of us that
work with laminates and verniers. We might even buy a router now and then.
Thanks for reading this far.

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Kerry Fullington
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Re: Assemblies

Postby Kerry Fullington » Thu, Jun 19 2008, 6:53AM


To re-size an assembly you will have to take the assembly into the Cabinet/Assembly editor and size each cabinet and then re-align the parts. Use the Alignment feature in the cab editor to do this.

Your use of p-lam creates some problems getting all the parts on the cut list.


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Scott G Vaal
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Re: Assemblies

Postby Scott G Vaal » Thu, Jun 19 2008, 8:08AM

Joe Redburn wrote:
It is bad enough to have to load a cabinet in a room, take it out, resize and put it back in when a flyout would let you do it right in the room.


Cabinets CAN be resized right in the room by choosing the Resize/Equalize Icon from the tool bar (or from the R-click menu it is under Adjust Cab Features). However, Assemblies will have to be taken to the Cab/Assm Editor to be adjusted. I have suggested this to many before, and I am not sure if you are doing this or not, but I suggest to people NOT to save as an assembly unless you have more then 1 cabinet that exists in the scene. If there is only 1 cab, simply ensure that the display type items etc. are associated to the cab and then they will be saved with it (as just a cabinet). Then you will have further options in the room and it will place into the layout as any other cabinet. That does not necessarily mean that the display items will be positioned exactly where you need/want them if you resize in the room, but it still offers more options in the Custom Layout.

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