Face Frames on side of cabinet

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Bob Blaney
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Face Frames on side of cabinet

Postby Bob Blaney » Sun, Jun 29 2008, 3:51PM

I am designing a two part china cabinet with a top that will have mullioned glass panels on the sides to be matches to the 8 lite doors on the front.
:wall: I cannot figure out a technique to remove the left and right ends and add face frames so I can then add a "door" to the sides.
I also want to have raised panel sides (no flat stock) on the base to match the doors on the front. How would I do that? :?:

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Bob Blaney

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Jeremy Schiffer
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Re: Face Frames on side of cabinet

Postby Jeremy Schiffer » Sun, Jun 29 2008, 5:05PM

Hi Bob,

To do that, you'll need to make an assembly. Bring in your first cabinet, go to construction settings and uncheck "has left end" and "has right end". Now bring in another cabinet, and similarly, uncheck the ends, and also the top, back and deck, so you are left with only a face-frame. Size it to fit the end of your first cabinet, then rotate and put it in place on the end of the first cabinet. Now double-click to highlight the frame you just placed (if it isn't already highlighted) and press CTRL-C, then CTRL-V to copy and paste another frame for the other end.

Now you can place doors on them by double-clicking to highlight the cabinet you want to put doors on (remember, this "cabinet" is now an assembly made of 3 cabinets, you must double-click to highlight the cabinet you wish to work on.)
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Bob Segneri
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Re: Face Frames on side of cabinet

Postby Bob Segneri » Mon, Dec 29 2008, 10:21PM

Thanks, I was just going to post I figured it out, but thanks for the fast response

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