Thinking of MAC

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Jason Rains
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Thinking of MAC

Postby Jason Rains » Mon, Jun 30 2008, 1:13PM

We are ready to purchase a new computer exclusively for Ecabs. I have a computer shop pricing me a custom built Desktop PC. Today, I was shown a Mac that really blew me away as far as ability to handle quite a load of programs and not miss a beat. I want to know how many people are running Ecabinets on a Mac, and if so will it perform fast calculations(We are an ever-growing cabinet shop that does not like waiting on Ecab calculations). I know I will have to run boot camp, but will I be better off buying a MAC or a PC built to exact Ecabs specs? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Justin Melhiser

Re: Thinking of MAC

Postby Justin Melhiser » Wed, Jul 02 2008, 9:10AM

There are a lot of post about people using Mac computers with ecabinets. I would do a search and read over some of those post.

Gregory Hairston
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Re: Thinking of MAC

Postby Gregory Hairston » Wed, Jul 02 2008, 11:25PM

I use a mac for ecab. Works great with bootcamp and good with parallels. PM me if you want to discuss it further.

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Georgi Baltov
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Re: Thinking of MAC

Postby Georgi Baltov » Thu, Jul 03 2008, 7:58AM

Hi Jason,

we thought the same way as you when I got my PC. I don't think that you will get a big difference in performance between PC and Mac. ECabinets have a big issue with speed when it comes to complicated cabinets. It regenerates and recalculates even parts that have not been changed and that takes long on cabinets with many parts. Even with nice video card, ram and processor it still runs slow in the layout manager.

Our main reason to get new computer was that I needed to run 3-4 programs at the same time and switch between one another. It is great and takes no time to load but I don't see big difference in eCab performance

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