san diego area shop

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matt omeara
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san diego area shop

Postby matt omeara » Tue, Jul 22 2008, 5:14PM

I'm looking for a San Diego area production sharing company. On the eCabinets member locations page for California, there are just 10 members for the entire state! I called the one closest to me in Miramar, and got a strange answering machine message that didn't sound at all like a business - so I left a message and never heard back. I tried the next closest to me in Ramona, talked to a really nice guy and he gave me some great pricing, even sent me a seed file. I modified the seed cabinet to what I want - sent it back to them with additional questions about doing an upcoming job and haven't heard back from them in a week. The next closest member location to me is in Temecula - but I really don't want to have to go that far with gas prices the way the are. And with all the shops in San Diego with CNCs, I would hope there's someone close by that can run parts for me.


Todd Miller

Re: san diego area shop

Postby Todd Miller » Wed, Jul 23 2008, 7:43AM

Send me your phone number and I will have one of our dealers call you. Send the number to

jerry johnson
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Re: san diego area shop

Postby jerry johnson » Wed, Jul 23 2008, 3:59PM

Matt, My name is Jerry Johnson and I am in Paso Robles, CA which is about 5 hours north of you. I have been using my Thermwood for about a year and am pretty good at it. I think I am listed on the production sharing list as Cornerstone Cabinets. I know the distance between us is large but maybe you could have parts shipped common carrier if the price was not too great. If you are interested contact me at and let's talk.

Tom Giacchina
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Re: san diego area shop

Postby Tom Giacchina » Thu, Jul 24 2008, 6:42PM

I used tru line in Ramona to do my kitchen. Jamie was very helpful in getting me to understand what they needed from my designs. Maybe they went on vacation?

Anyway, please contact me if you have any questions at I am switching to a new "VISTA" computer and expect to be down for a while.


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