IWF 2008

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Re: IWF 2008

Postby Jason Susnjara » Wed, Aug 06 2008, 11:00AM

Neville Bastian wrote:It seem like its going to be a bit hit and miss meeting up with each other. Why don't we all try and meet at say noon and 4pm each day. That way who ever is around should catch up with a few forum users.
What would be really neat is if a senior programmer could give the users a foretaste of what the next version of Ecabinets has. Maybe there is a small meeting room we could use for a hour or so.
This would be good PR and make us feel part of the Thermwood family.
Just a thought Justin.



Hi Neville,

Unfortunatley we do not have a meeting room for which eCabinet members and THM owners can use. We will have an area with tables and chairs that can be used if not being used at that time. Everyone is more than welcomed to visit the booth, ask questions, watch the machines, look at the new Fravol edgebanders, and watch furniture being produced. Should be an extremley exciting show this year and hopefully everyone can make it to the Thermwood booth.
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Jeremy Schiffer
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Re: IWF 2008

Postby Jeremy Schiffer » Thu, Aug 07 2008, 7:18AM

Thanks Rick, I'm very excited about it, can't wait to see it in my shop. It's been a long time coming, I've been drooling over those machines since version 1 of ecabs. Are you going to be at IWF?

That's a good idea Neal, to meet at certain times. Might be hard to actually DO though... once you get in that big building with all the big toys, it's easy to end up wandering a mile or so and lose track of time! :wink:

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