Angled Corner Cabinet Face Frame

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Dennis Englert

Angled Corner Cabinet Face Frame

Postby Dennis Englert » Fri, Aug 29 2008, 8:06AM

During the IWF, someone came to the booth and asked how to create a particular style of FF for a Corner Cabinet. I demonstrated a method and since came up with a simpler method, which brings to mind that I should've had a V8 then.

The attached jpg displays the type of face frame that this gentleman is manufacturing.

At the show I demonstrated making it stick-by-stick and taking the parts to the Part Editor for the mitred cut. The problem with this is that the parts are not parametric and there is a lot more math (confusion) when installing the doors. Doable, but time consuming.

This morning, I added a face frame to an angled cabinet. He used 1 1/2" material. By measuring from the inside corner on an end panel to the back outside corner of the corresponding stile, I set the Outside Scribes for the Left and Right Stile to -1.0607. Then added a display board 1.5 wide by 29.5 length. Mitred one edge and placed it. Copied it and placed it. The display boards must be associated with the cabinet.

With this method, the main components of the faceframe are parametric and doors can be installed easily. The display boards are not parametric, so if the width of the cabinet changes, the stiles must be moved appropriately, and if the height of cabinet changes, then the board must be reinstalled and associated to the cabinet.

For the purist, if you make a 22 1/2 degree tool (.tol) in the Shape Manager, it is not actually 22 1/2 degrees. You must either create the geometry in a CAD system for this tool or you can use descriptive geometry methods (the old drawing board) to obtain the required 22 1/2 degrees. The procedures for making a 22 1/2 degree tool are explained in "The Nearly Complete Guide to eCabinet Systems".

BTW. The eCab user that wanted this type of face frame was asking for it to be added to the face frame options.
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