Easier Kitchen Designs

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Glenn Van Reason
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Re: Easier Kitchen Designs

Postby Glenn Van Reason » Wed, Sep 17 2008, 5:08PM

I agree on the fact that ecabinets is slow to "design" a kitchen and for quotation, but as a detailing and manufacturing program it has no equal. This is why I design the kitchen in one program quote it in another program and detail it in ecabinets to send to the Thermwood. My toolbox on the factory floor doesn't have just one tool in it. it has many. I also review new tools and updated tools when they become availaible and include them in my toolbox when I can. This is the same for my computer "toolbox".
Now I am really impressed by some new features that have improved speed and eficiency in ecabinets that I now design some of my kitchens in ecabinets. Also the addition of the excel import into batch cabinets has made in very quick for me to export cabinet lists from my excel quoting program straight to ecabinets.
Now with this system and a thermwood router, I have worked for companies with as little as three people from office to delivery, ( we had outside installers) and we could quote up to 20 kitchens a week, detail 10 kitchens and cut, assemble and deliver 5-7 kitchens a week. It's all about how you use the parts.
This is, I think, the underlying process of ecabinets as shown here with the sink cabinet. We have all the "parts" it's up to us to put them together in a way that best achieves the task at hand. This will be different for each user as pointed out by Kerry, his solution suits him because he cuts by hand. Another user has a different way because he has a Thermwood....all if this would not be possible if not for ecabinets being so flexiable. No other package has this abilty.
I try and read this forum everyday and I skim over quite a few posts because the are not relavent to how I use the program. BUT I know the information in them is relevant to a user that does build that way and that is why it should stay and also why I do not comment in those posts.

One day I know that I will stop using my other programs because ecabinets has progressed to a point that replaces these modules. Until that happens I'm happy to use these systems so as to maximise the benefits I get from ecabinets.
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Gary Puckett
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Re: Easier Kitchen Designs

Postby Gary Puckett » Wed, Sep 17 2008, 7:23PM

Glenn I have to agree with you, I think I am going to use eCabinets for my design and presentation and then import the cutlist to another program (in my tool box) to finish the bidding.

I just wanted eCab to do it all and maybe in time I will learn the program well enough that I can then do that.

I to am a one man shop and cut everything by hand. I did start buying my doors out, and now I am buying my drawers out.

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