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Geo Noeth
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Postby Geo Noeth » Wed, Sep 24 2008, 5:09AM

Hi folks,
I have not visited the forum for quite a while. I have gotten away from doing kitchens, I have always been a really small one man shop, sometimes two. I have gone to one off furniture pieces and cutting my own parts. This is not necessarily by choice but just because this seems to be what is coming along these days.

My point here is, after a long absence I see posts at the top (locked posts) that are two and three years old. The vista post is almost a year old, still not compatible. News flash, Vista is here to stay the old OSs are getting harder to come by. Can it be that Ecabs has made no progress in a year?

Have no graphics improvements been offered since 2006?

This is not meant as a bitch post, just an observation from one who has been away for a while.

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Re: Stagnation?

Postby ScotAcree » Wed, Sep 24 2008, 5:37AM

Hey Geo,

I think E-Cabs is to be Vista ready in Version 6.I have been running Vista for two years with no problems.


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