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Postby Damon Nabors » Sat, Oct 04 2008, 11:23PM

I don't play around much with the estimating features of ecab (Lack of should be the correct term), but could someone explain to me what is going on with it. I am working on a line of cabinets to sell. If I create the cabinet, I can look at the Cost listing in the cabinet editor and I get a price that looks to be correct. I save the cabinet as a catalogue cabinet. I then go to the batch cabinet area and the cost is around three times higher (aprox, $63.00). If you go to the proposal writer, it shows one cabinet with a selling price of $2060.00. I would think that if you save the cab as a catalogue cab with a cost assigned to it, it would show up with that price association.

Also, is there a way to adjust the offall in ecabinets. When using my test cabinet, if I nest it, the offall is way too small. There is a lot of wasted material.

Is there a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Damon Nabors

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