Cutlists and Excel

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Cutlists and Excel

Postby Lamar Horton » Sat, Oct 18 2008, 6:08PM

I hope I am not recreating the wheel but here is what I learned today.

After exporting a cutlist to excel I end up with a hidden apostrophe in front of each cell that contains data. I understand why it is there and after searching the forums I found a fix to remove the apostrophe. However this did not work for me. what I did find upon searching the internet was this solution. Find a blank cell with no apostrophe, copy that cell and using the format paintbrush paint the cells that do contain the offending apostrophes and viola no apostrophes.

Why do I want to do this when the data can be sorted even with the offending apostrophes? You may ask. While the data may be sorted, you cannot apply and formulas to any of the measurements because of these cursed offending apostrophes. By using the find and replace feature to get rid of the inch marks, and then using the format brush to clean the cells of the blasted cursed offending apostrophes I can formulate the total square footage of doors to get pricing for said doors from my supplier.

Maybe other benefits can be found by ridding the universe of these confounded blasted cursed offending apostrophes.

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