West Coast Door and Drawer Box Suppliers

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West Coast Door and Drawer Box Suppliers

Postby Joe Dusel » Mon, Oct 27 2008, 10:02PM

Hey Thermwood Team!

With the economy in the toilet it might be the right time to talk the door and drawer box manufacturers on the West Coast like Decorative Specialties and Cal Doors into coming on board as eCabinets suppliers.The reps are crawling all over me and I'm just a little guy. Decorative is even planning on doing finished doors to compete. I've got to imagine these guys are hurting as well. Decorative is already setup for CV with the doors and such, so they would probably be interested in having an association with a larger group of cabinet shops.

It might also be the right time to setup local West Coast vendors such as E.B. Bradley and Louis and Company. These guys are hurting with all of the local shops that have gone under.

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