Another Vista 64 Disaster

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Another Vista 64 Disaster

Postby Gregory Hairston » Mon, Nov 03 2008, 2:56PM

A few weeks ago my home was broken into and they stole 3 of my Computers. All Three were macs and I was running XP with Bootcamp and Ecabs worked fine. I had to replace a computer and could not afford to buy a Mac at this time so I purchased a very powerful Laptop but of course it has Vista 64 installed. Well after 5 hrs working with Justin at tech support and me pulling my hair out and numerous installs and re-installs I still can not get it to work. I followed the instructions to the letter, Uninstalled norton, and still no success. The program will load and get to the main screen where the Icons show up but never gets to the "What would you like to do" portion. In other words I have the pictures that sit to the left of to words and then it locks up. We tried to bypass that screen but then It will lock up on something else. I am desperately looking for a solution. If anyone of you out there have seen this problem please post a possible solution


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