manual install process

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manual install process

Postby John Solomon » Fri, Dec 05 2008, 2:01PM

This is going to be out of the ordinary - I understand that this will not be something that Thremwood would actually support. Why? because I am installing eCabinets 5.0 onto a Linux box with wine. I have made some headway, but I keep getting a "failed to create empty document" message and I think I am finally stuck. I have check the forums for similar cases but nothing helps.

I can not use the standard install.exe - it fails (wine's fault), so I am manually installing the software by hand. I have copied all the files from the c:\Program files\Thermwood dir from one system to the other. I have transfered some of the registry entries over. (I know there are some that are pointing to images that I still need to get). I have jet40 installed and odbc has the .mdb drivers installed.

I am sure I only lask a few things that will get eCab running.

The information I guess I need will be some data that discribed the install process (in windows). Such as what files get installed where (just the directorys will do), this is some setting for jet and odbc. Some (just the inportant ones) reg keys. (we will skip any "store" or "shop" images for now) I will need to figure a good way to transfer the several hundreds of reg keys for images later.

Any information that will get me past this roadblock that you can provide will be appreciated and I understand if you say no, its not supported.

Thanks .

John S.

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