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Postby Iain Hall » Wed, Dec 24 2008, 3:57PM

Merry Christmas
Happy Huanakah
Bon Noel
Happy Dam Ho Ho ( for the rednecks)

My Christmas battle is with proposal writer I have seached and am now more confused than I was when I started.

I have built up my seed cabinets with labour inputed all of my material costs and dynamic costs so that I can get a price that I can stand by very quickly. If I could get proposal writer to put all of these into a professional format it would take my estimate time down to under 2 hours on a normal kitchen.

I have plowed through everything to get to this point with a great deal of help from the folks here now the last hurdle.

Does anyone have any files I could look at to possibly help things ckick into this old anolaog brain.

All the best for the holidays
Iain Hall
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