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Kerry Fullington
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Furniture Network

Postby Kerry Fullington » Tue, Jan 27 2009, 8:04AM

Are the eCab files for the Holywell Desks still available to purchase?


Justin Melhiser

Re: Furniture Network

Postby Justin Melhiser » Tue, Jan 27 2009, 4:04PM

I will check and see if these files are still available. I will let you know as soon as I find out.

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George Davidson
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Re: Furniture Network

Postby George Davidson » Tue, Jan 27 2009, 7:21PM

Hi Herry
Will this help
Holywell Home Office
(3.12 MiB) Downloaded 745 times

Michael Kowalczyk
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Re: Furniture Network

Postby Michael Kowalczyk » Mon, Feb 23 2009, 9:09PM

I do not see an answer from you yet as to the status of the "Furniture Network"? I was unable to find anything available to show an Architect I met today.
Is it still accessible or did it get the old RIP :shock: memo?
Thank you,
Michael Kowalczyk, GM

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Ken Susnjara
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Re: Furniture Network

Postby Ken Susnjara » Sun, Mar 01 2009, 4:30PM

The programs are still available. We are working on a new way to just sell them on a CD with no per part fee or carving rental but need to work with the designers to come up with an approach they are happy with. We will contact you about this.

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