Incredibly Oversized cabinet file size????

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dan fentie
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Incredibly Oversized cabinet file size????

Postby dan fentie » Wed, Mar 04 2009, 1:49PM

OK, I have been working on a job for a period of time with my computer acting very slow. I looked into it a bit and found that I have a few cabinets with really large file sizes. I have a 3 drawer, drawer bank with a finished right end that has an average of 1000 KB file size but at the same time I have virtually the same cabinet with only a small change that has a cabinet file size of about 18,000 KB. Would really like to know how making a small change to the cabinet could affect the file size this much. ANY input would be beneficial right about now!

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Brad McIntosh
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Re: Incredibly Oversized cabinet file size????

Postby Brad McIntosh » Wed, Mar 04 2009, 3:20PM

Hey Dan! How are you doing? Are you cutting lots of doors with your Panelmetrix package?

You really should have posted this in the eCabinet Systems section of the forum. The Lounge here is for "things unrelated to anything that has it's own section" postings. Your question/topic is definitely an eCab thing. I am sure Dean or someone else will move it there shortly.

There are all sorts of knowledgeable there that will probably have some answers or suggestions for you.

EDITED: Oops, I should have looked in the the other section first! I see you found it. Nevermind... :oops:
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