Nearly Complete Guide to E Cabinets Systems

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Nearly Complete Guide to E Cabinets Systems

Postby Darwin Joslyn » Tue, Apr 28 2009, 12:03AM

I've been looking at the online training system being offered and have a question regarding the included manual. If I were to buy the manual upfront and then were to subscribe for the online training at a later date would there be a discount for the value of the manual since it was already purchased?


Dennis Englert

Re: Nearly Complete Guide to E Cabinets Systems

Postby Dennis Englert » Tue, Apr 28 2009, 9:33AM

The current "Nearly Complete Guide to eCabinet Systems" is dated April of 2009.

If you purchase or have purchased this version, then we will offer a $90 discount for 90 days.

The latest version has been organized so that I can (hopefully) easily send out a .pdf update for the sections that change. For those that have purchased the previous guide marked Dec 2008, it is not organized as such, so there would not be a similar discount. The cost for the latest guide remains the same at $110 with shipping included, but may include tax depending upon your state of residence.

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