No sheet material in cost sheet!!!

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No sheet material in cost sheet!!!

Postby markvan » Mon, May 11 2009, 9:43PM

Ok, I was just about to send this job off to the customer for approval, when I realized that there has been no allowance at all, for any sheet material in the cost sheet. So, the customer would be getting quite a good deal to say the least...( and I would be wondering why I seem to be so broke.....)

I thought the price just didn't look right, so I checked several times, thinking maybe I had the door pricing too low or something, until I realized that there was nothing at all allowed for sheet material in the cost sheet. Not even a sheet material listing. The cut list shows up with random number's for square footage of materials used, with half of them being negative.

Why isn't sheet material being calculated? It seems to be in other jobs.

I don't know why, but it seems that I always have problems if I do anything after adding countertops. This time included... I had to make some changes after the tops were added, (forgot to save a version without tops), and everything seems to go funny. I get messed up tops, tops that I can't delete etc....and now, no sheet materials in the cost listing. Thought I had found a work around for my countertop issues, but apparently my issues with countertops continues to grow.....

This never happens if I calculate before adding countertops. Countertops cause problems for me.
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Re: No sheet material in cost sheet!!!

Postby Joe Dusel » Tue, May 12 2009, 12:31PM

Well, you can remove the countertops if you are in the Countertop Editor. Not that this will solve your problem.

I noticed that for some reason there is very little in this job that will actually nest. I would suspect that there is a problem either with something in the cabinet designs or the materials that is causing your problem. Have you used these cabinets successfully in the past?

I would create an empty room and place a few of your library cabinets into it and see if they nest. What I find interesting is that the Nesting dialog does not give any error messages when the job is being nested.

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Re: No sheet material in cost sheet!!!

Postby markvan » Tue, May 12 2009, 5:08PM

Hi Joe,

All of these cabinets come from the library that I use daily. I do not normally have any problems with nesting using these cabinets. Usually I do my nesting / costing before the tops are added.

In fact I was mistaken yesterday, I did actually save a version of this kitchen before I added the tops, I just accidentally saved it in a different directory. Attached is the same kitchen, just an earlier version, before I added the countertops. It seems to nest properly.

When I was working with the buggy version, nesting before calculating the costs, was the only way I could get any sheet material accounted for. But as you saw, most of the kitchen was not nested...

Also just to mention, that for some reason, when things do go funny as in this kitchen, I often can't delete the countertops from the countertop editor, as you had suggested.

These aren't critical problems generally, I can usually work around, and tend to try to make sure that I have a saved version before I add countertops. Just passing along my experiences to let the folks at Thermwood know. Thanks for the great work guys.
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