Changing Door/Drawer Front Style in Door Editor?

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Nat Wheatley
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Changing Door/Drawer Front Style in Door Editor?

Postby Nat Wheatley » Sun, Jun 28 2009, 5:09AM

I can't figure out how to do this without deleting the existing, and redoing. I've tried highlighting a drawer front, then changing the defaul 'door/drawer selection', but it doesn't seem to change things. I'm sure this is an easy one, but what am I missing?

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Re: Changing Door/Drawer Front Style in Door Editor?

Postby DanEpps » Sun, Jun 28 2009, 7:45AM

Your using the correct method.

Joe Dusel
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Re: Changing Door/Drawer Front Style in Door Editor?

Postby Joe Dusel » Mon, Jun 29 2009, 8:58PM

In the Cabinet/Assembly Editor the only method you can currently use is to delete the doors or drawer fronts and then replace them with the new defaults. The easier method for jobs is to place your cabinets into the Custom Layout Editor and then change all of your doors and drawer fronts on the selected cabinets using the menu selection Adjust Cabinet Features/Change/Doors or Drawer Fronts.

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Chris White
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Re: Changing Door/Drawer Front Style in Door Editor? BUMP

Postby Chris White » Tue, May 17 2016, 12:47PM

Could we Please get a feature that allows changing all the doors / drawers in the current job, or at least selected cabinet(s), all at once? Having to redo a whole kitchen one front at a time is extremely time consuming. Not to mention the embarrassment of having to tell a client that wants to see a different type of door in their rendered kitchen, "Oh, that will take a while, I can send you the drawing later tonight or tomorrow."

Its already a pain that the Set Default doesn't work for the whole job, not to mention that Make Matching Drawer does nothing but bring up the drawer front dialog. If those features were available and working, you'd have a whole new program.

Scott Marshburn
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Re: Changing Door/Drawer Front Style in Door Editor?

Postby Scott Marshburn » Tue, May 17 2016, 1:10PM

You can do this with Global Item Modifications
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Ralph Balanik
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Re: Changing Door/Drawer Front Style in Door Editor?

Postby Ralph Balanik » Wed, May 18 2016, 8:50PM

The program does a very effective job of giving you options. The one to start with is the adjust features button.You use this feature from custom layout once you have your cabinets in the room. Highlight the cabinets you want to change doors or drawer fronts on. In the right hand menu select adjust features near the bottom. A menu comes up which gives you the option to change doors, drawer fronts, door pulls etc. You have to select doors and make the change and then you have to reselect the cabinets and change drawer fronts by making your choices, but this does not take forever, just a few minutes. If you select a bank of drawers and say change doors you get an error message that states: you cannot change doors because there are none" meaning there are only drawer fronts. If you want to make major changes or change several things all at once you can go to the top of that same menu and choose global item modification. It is a powerful feature and it works very well but you will have to learn the process. The online videos offered by Thermwood for a very reasonable cost cover many of the topics needed to get you familiar with the interface. Hope this helps you to move forward.

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