Costing out a job

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Donald Thomson
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Costing out a job

Postby Donald Thomson » Sun, Oct 11 2009, 8:44AM

I'm having a difficult time figuring costs for a batch/job. When I go into the cost sheet for the batch/job I see a line item called "Profit Markup NON-Catalog Cabinets" and another line item called "Profit-Catalog Cabinets".

When I save a cabinet without checking the Catalog Item and entering a price, my batch listing shows that unit cost for that cabinet is N/A. If I check the Catalog Item when saving the cabinet the price shows up in the batch. How do I get eCabs to recognize that a cabinet has a price even though it is not a catalog item?

Also, is there a way to have eCabs figure profit on an entire job instead of each cabinet? I find that if I have a percentage markup specified in standard costs, that percentage is applied to each cabinet and then the job gets the profit applied again. Yes, this makes me more money but I don't think it's right to do this to the customer.

Don Thomson
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Peter Walsh
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Re: Costing out a job

Postby Peter Walsh » Sun, Oct 11 2009, 4:51PM

What seems to be missing is your individual cabinet labor & misc charges. When you finish designing a cabinet, double click anywhere on the whole cabinet and you will see a highlight outline occur. Then, right click your mouse and in the list of options you will see "set labor costs" near the bottom, click on that. The popup window is self explanatory, and the hours you key in will be multiplied by the labor rate you set in the icon for settings and preferences (at the very top of your screen). Saving the cab will save these costs with that specific cab and any time you use that cab in a job layout, it will gather up those costs and include them. DO NOT USE "misc 2." That one does not gather up the entry and include the costs last time I checked. It is a known bug.
Hope this helps.

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