built-in bookcase

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built-in bookcase

Postby Dana Sherry » Mon, Jan 09 2006, 5:11PM

Hey, just wanted some advice- attached is a built - in which is destined for my living room wall, as shown. But FIRST, I need to display it at our local builders show. I want to set it up in my 12x12 booth without having to build a2x4 wall, set a window etc... soo, I was thinking it would look good against the 8' curtain in my booth, but I would like to \"tie it all together\" with an arched valance at the show perhaps, although it would simply be two seperate cases once in my living room, with crown returned into the wall. My question is, what type of valance do I build that is cost-effective i.e. no raised panels(since it will not be used in the final resting place), or does anyone have ideas other than a valance that will make the piece look good as displayed at a show?Thanks greatly for any expertise.
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