need help making Two tone doors

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need help making Two tone doors

Postby cabinetbob » Thu, Feb 23 2006, 9:46PM

Does any body know how to make two doors on ecab? I want the panel one knid of wood while the rails are a different kind.


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Jean G Voyer
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Postby Jean G Voyer » Thu, Feb 23 2006, 9:52PM

You have to use a regular door and align a display cube or panel to it.
It won't be exactly like you want but it will be close.
You can also use a frame and bring a display cube in the center or make a raise panel out of a assembly of display cubes.
I use this kind of technique to make speaker grills.
I hope this help.
Jean-Gabriel Voyer
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George Davidson
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Postby George Davidson » Fri, Feb 24 2006, 7:05AM

I had to try one
My setting

Over (-2\") Change to what ever your frame is on the cab. my was 2\"
Inseat (.7656)

I think I went the long way a round
The 2 nd Cab. I made the size of the door.
Cab. 24 x 34.5 x 24
2nd Cab. 21\" x 27.75 x 2 Deep
That is how I got the outer rail & Stile to change color.
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Postby cabinetbob » Fri, Feb 24 2006, 7:17AM

Thanks.....not what I had in mind. Seems very tedious. But I guess that will work.

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Kerry Fullington
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Postby Kerry Fullington » Fri, Feb 24 2006, 8:00AM


This isn't great either but I did these using a slab door with a 2 1/4\" banding stock.
A Door Designer is supposed to be in the works at eCabinets which would probably let you do what you want with a five piece door but that is in a future release. For now maybe this would work.
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Robert Spano
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Postby Robert Spano » Tue, Feb 28 2006, 8:21AM

Thanks everyone. I appreciate your input. I'm looking forward to the new upgrade in ecab. I like the two tone doors. I hoping there was a file I can edit. But...were all cabinet makers / woodworkers. Not programers! lol... :lol:

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