lighting techniques

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Dana Sherry
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lighting techniques

Postby Dana Sherry » Tue, Mar 07 2006, 9:42AM

Here is a rendering I am working on- I am trying to soften the lighting so it does not look so white and sterile, I am looking for the warmer look I see on the learning guide and all of the postings here, and also trying to make it look as close as possible to the actual job site photo. This is for a home show to show clients what the software can do and how realistic it is. I tried to reduce the intensity of various lights but it just seems to diminish details, not soften or warm the look. Does anyone have any ideas? Change wall covering to a darker color?
Fiala kitchen #2.jpg
Here is the rendering thus far...
Fiala kitchen #2.jpg (112.98 KiB) Viewed 1133 times

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Mike Bowers
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Postby Mike Bowers » Tue, Mar 07 2006, 10:32AM

Dana after presentation rendering, double click the lights, you will see a red ring flash, then on bottom of screen, adjust your light & shine intensity, then re-render. Hope that helps
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