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Ben Landrum
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Postby Ben Landrum » Wed, Apr 12 2006, 10:48AM

this will be my first e-cab job and was wondering how i should price it, by the hour, if so how much per hour, or by the job? Been out of the business to long to know how it is done today.
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Postby DanEpps » Wed, Apr 12 2006, 12:31PM


Most of my customers just want a package price. If you put accurate materials costs into eCabinets you will get an accurate cost for the materials required for the job.

The second part is to make sure you estimate the time to build and install as accurately as you can. Put your labor costs (or what you want your time to be worth) into eCabinets and assign the amount of time to build each cabinet to that cabinet. eCabinets will then give you a selling price based on labor and materials.

It would be very difficult to give you a price. What would sell for $10,000 in one part of the country might sell for $8,000 or $20,000 in another.

Just be sure you include the cost of overhead into your labor costs.

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