Oven tall cabinet OC3084 couldn't add doors and drawers prop

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Oven tall cabinet OC3084 couldn't add doors and drawers prop

Postby Alexander S. Cheng » Tue, Jul 11 2006, 7:19PM

When I used Standard Tall Framed to created OC3084 cabinet, I added 2 Mid Rails for buttom 3 drawers and 1 Mid Stile for upper 2 doors. When I used door / drawer editor, I couldn't select area properly. all Mid Rails and Mid Stile were not working. Is this a software error or anything I did was not correct? Your solution will be appreciated.
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Postby DanEpps » Tue, Jul 11 2006, 8:13PM

First, you need to post your question in the correct forum to be sure you get an answer--this forum is for pictures of your designs or finished jobs.

Now on to your question. When you place a face frame over a single opening you can only select the entire opening to add doors or drawers.

To get this to wrok properly, add shelves behind the mid rails and partitions behind the mid stiles. You will then be able to add drawers and doors to each opening.

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