here's before...

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Mark Taylor
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here's before...

Postby Mark Taylor » Tue, Oct 24 2006, 9:39AM

Let's hope there an after....
island carving.jpg
this thing just about killed my computer.....
island carving.jpg (132.99 KiB) Viewed 1296 times
island books.jpg
backside of the island
island books.jpg (120 KiB) Viewed 1300 times

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Brian Shannon
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Postby Brian Shannon » Tue, Oct 24 2006, 2:25PM


Nice Island. I'm curious. Did you charge for all of that design time? I don't, but I think most people in other areas do. It's getting to be too much time to give away.


Mark Taylor
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Postby Mark Taylor » Tue, Oct 24 2006, 3:14PM

I added $500 for design to the I can't say that I charged for all my time as I'm still on a reasonably steep learning curve with trying to take ecabinets a bit beyond simply designing \"boxes\". I worked most of the weekend to put is all together...I'm sure Dan or one of the Mike's could have it assembled in a few day maybe I will too.

BTW - the design was developed from a local architect's hand drawn sketch. That's part of the reason I didn't charge for all my design time. I've done a number of kitchens, baths, pantries and other basic cabinetry for their firm usually just supplying line drawings. However, I know he designs these \"custom pieces\" for his high end clientel and I would like to break into that market. I was hoping to capture his attention with this piece. (from the emails received by several of his draftsman this morning - I think it worked) I'm also working on a curved mahogany raised panel bar for him.

To truly answer your question, I, we all have to charge for our time - design, construction, delivery, installation...all of it is a skill set that our customer comes to us expecting to pay for. I believe the customer simply wants to feel they received good value or that they have spent they money wisely. So we focus on delivering our services in a professional manner and providing the customer with a quality product. I'm not the least expensive nor am I the most expensive in our area - and we have more work then we can possibly keep up with.

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Postby DanEpps » Tue, Oct 24 2006, 4:04PM


That is a VERY NICE design! Thanks for your vote of confidence but sometimes I wonder if I can ever design anything. I recently spent an entire week trying to design one simple piece of furniture because of some issues with the part editor. I would make a change to something and the top would flip upside down! On top of that it would take over an hour just to render.

Having a good drawing supplied to you always helps the design process. Most of what I get is a photo of an existing piece and a note that says something like \"we need to match this and the size needs to be...\"

Keep up the great work.

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