Contemporary Wine Cabinet

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Nevin Anderson
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Contemporary Wine Cabinet

Postby Nevin Anderson » Wed, Jan 17 2007, 11:47AM

Since we have icicles hanging from the trees here in south Texas, I had time to continue the wine cabinet theme. This is contemporary compared to the previous cabinet with the split pediment, swan's neck molding, and flame finial. Also, it has individual cubbies for the wine bottles instead of scalloped stretchers. What other type of racks for the wine bottles can be used?
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Postby DanEpps » Wed, Jan 17 2007, 2:42PM

Another nice design Nevin.

One member made a wine rack with shelves that were slanted in such a manner that the labels could be read. The front of the shelf was lower than the back and bottles are placed \"right-side up\", or with the bottle bottom toward the front of the cabinet. The angle of the slant caused the cork to stay wet and the air bubble to rest in the shoulder of the bottle.

That particular case was refrigerated as well to keep the wine at around 60 degrees F if I remember correctly.

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