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home office

Postby Joe Soto » Thu, Feb 01 2007, 12:42AM

This home office desk was 100% cut on my Thermwood router using e-cabinets. Ok 98%, I didn't cut the top and framestock on the router, maybe with v5.1. For the crown and base moldings and the center section face, I used the part editor and the profile modeler. Everything else was nested. The job was going to be stained maple but was changed to paint. The room wasn't deep enough to get it all in one photo.
karem10-26.jpg (121.08 KiB) Viewed 1062 times
karemdesk 2.JPG
karemdesk 2.JPG (139.34 KiB) Viewed 1062 times
karemdesk.JPG (45.55 KiB) Viewed 1062 times

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George Davidson
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Postby George Davidson » Thu, Feb 01 2007, 9:13AM

Joe I like the way the desk is layed out.
I have to get me one of them Thermwood routers
now that I got alot more room in the shop now.It cost me me $200 Gr
to get more space.Had to buy a new building 48' x 87' for the 4 trucks.
My son's didn't want the trucks out in the COLD! But my truck is still out in the cold?I when down the shore last week to put my feet up for a week.
When I got there I had to work.It works out good all I had to do was cut all the lumber my son's put it all up.I had 42 papers from my computer program and I cut it all from the papers then all I had to do was give it all to them. OK two cuts did not fit and that was me They said they were going to look for a new cutterI even cut? I cut all the plywood on the ground.I am not coming out of the shop for 3 weeks I told them.
It is 12 out there right now.Back to my cabinets

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