Very first e-cab project

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Paul Ellis
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Very first e-cab project

Postby Paul Ellis » Wed, Mar 28 2007, 8:29AM

I was going through my files and came upon this, my very first design I did with e-cabs. This did not 'sell' the job, because it was already given to me. Unfortunately I do not have a clear photo of the finished job as the camera I had at that stage was not very hot and the bookcase was installed in a very narrow passage. I do not for the life of me know why people want to stain wood so dark!
DSCI0054.JPG (62.39 KiB) Viewed 1471 times
finalview.jpg (186.49 KiB) Viewed 1471 times
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greg youngken
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Postby greg youngken » Thu, Mar 29 2007, 5:37PM

Nice paul, I wonder if that plant should be a celeberty by now. I love that plant...
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