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Ted Allen
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Display hutch

Postby Ted Allen » Tue, Aug 16 2005, 10:46AM

This is a display hutch that I have designed and commissioned to build. It will probably be a lightened white birch color. But the customer wanted to see it in stained maple.
Huelsmann display hutch copy.jpg
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Denis L'Heureux
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Postby Denis L'Heureux » Tue, Aug 16 2005, 11:03AM

Very nice Ted.


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Mike Bowers
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Postby Mike Bowers » Tue, Aug 16 2005, 4:37PM

I agree with Denis. Nice job Ted
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Ted Allen
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thanks guys

Postby Ted Allen » Tue, Aug 16 2005, 7:44PM

I'll post pics of the real thing when finished. It'll be a while


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Kerry Fullington
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Postby Kerry Fullington » Tue, Aug 16 2005, 8:28PM

Very nice Ted,
I really like the bead board back. It adds a nice touch. (I may have to steal that idea.)

Ted Allen
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thanks for the comments

Postby Ted Allen » Tue, Aug 16 2005, 9:20PM


You helped me with the profileing. Took me a while to get it but I got it now.

The customer wanted bead bd back in it.


Charles Kurak
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Postby Charles Kurak » Sat, Aug 20 2005, 2:46PM


Simple elegance! :)

Love it.

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Joe Murphy
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Beadboard back

Postby Joe Murphy » Mon, Dec 12 2005, 8:29PM

I was wondering how you made the back. Is it a profiled display panel?
Joseph Murphy
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Postby DanEpps » Mon, Dec 12 2005, 8:59PM

The ability to show the customer something \"real\" always sells the job. Nice design and presentation.


Ted Allen
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Bead board back

Postby Ted Allen » Sat, Dec 24 2005, 8:57AM

Joe and Dan, Sorry took so long to answer but I have been in New Orleans working without internet. Just got home yesterday for a few days of relaxation.

The back was a display cube which I profiled with a .tol. I think I have the tool loaded in the Tools forum.

Thanks for the kind words, Dan.

I had to leave to do some jobs in New Orleans before even starting the hutch. Bought materials and they are still waiting patiently to be used.

Customer is waiting patiently also. Speaking of which, yesterday I went out the back door and there was a package on the steps. I opened it up and in it was a handmade quilt. I had built the lady a home last year and at the time She had been making the quilt with one of the blocks on the quilt a picture of her new home. I had just assumed that the quilt would be hanging on the wall of her new home some day.

Inscribed on the quilt was \"A house in the Park, made to thank you for our perfectly crafted house in New Harmony, Indiana. Signed by the owner.

I had a little cry moment, and anyway there are people that appreciate good workmanship.

Thanks for listening

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