Wood images

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Paul Ellis
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Wood images

Postby Paul Ellis » Mon, Aug 20 2007, 9:54AM

Anyone looking for wood images, I have found this site and it looks like this guy has HUNDREDS of different species with a lot of images per specie.
Hope someone finds it usefull!
Paul Ellis

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Michael Rice
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Postby Michael Rice » Mon, Aug 27 2007, 3:41AM

Thanks for this link, Paul. This is a great resource for woodworkers. The individual fact sheets have a lot of great information.

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Carroll Sims Jr
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Re: Wood images

Postby Carroll Sims Jr » Fri, Feb 08 2008, 6:39AM

You might also consider:

http://www.rarewoodsandveneers.com/page ... wood01.htm

approximately 1269 species with image of each.

http://www.rarewoodsandveneers.com/page ... nslist.htm

to download the list.

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