Latest Kitchen, cherry

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Lamar Horton
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Latest Kitchen, cherry

Postby Lamar Horton » Tue, Nov 27 2007, 8:40PM

I think this is my best one to date. The customer is very happy. :D More pictures here.
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Postby DanEpps » Wed, Nov 28 2007, 6:38AM

Nice job Lamar. The customer saw exactly what they were getting in your presentation.

Michael Rice
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Postby Michael Rice » Wed, Nov 28 2007, 6:58AM

Looks great Lamar. You pulled a nice color out of the cherry. Mind sharing your finish schedule ? Thanks for posting the pics, it's good to see what other members are doing.

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Lamar Horton
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Postby Lamar Horton » Wed, Nov 28 2007, 9:40AM

The finish schedule is very basic. One coat of stain, Sherwin Williams Sher-Wood BAC wiping stain, sprayed on and wiped off. Then two coats of satin lacquer sprayed on very generously.

The stain, I am told is fairly new, it dries very quickly, I mean very quickly. So fast that I barley had time to wipe it off after I sprayed a cabinet. Some of the larger cabinets I had to wet a rag with stain in order to re wet the stain I sprayed. The color is Auburn Anigre in a Chestnut base.

Ar first I didn't like the stain and how fast it was drying. But by the end of the staining, I was getting the knack.

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Postby DaleKern » Wed, Nov 28 2007, 11:26AM


Nice work. I like the color alot, thanks for the finishing info.

Your website looks great too, nice presentation of your work!

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Brian Shannon
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Postby Brian Shannon » Wed, Nov 28 2007, 1:48PM

Nice job and website too!

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