Travel sample case

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Gene Davis

Travel sample case

Postby Gene Davis » Sun, Feb 17 2008, 7:46AM

This case is done at the router, and is of prefinished plywood, the same as that used for carcase construction. Bdado joinery. Edges all banded.

Our sample doors are 12x16, and matching drawerfront samples are all 5-3/4 x 12. The case, meant to be used when taking samples to a client's location, is built to hold up to 6 sets, plus a pair of sample parts.

Cut in the nest at the same time as the case parts, the two sample parts (same sizes as sample door and d'fronts) are used to show the clients the details of b'dado joinery.

The case top is hinged with a cut piece of ordinary piano hinge. Loaded up, it's not too heavy, but suitcase handles are screwed on each end to make things a little easier. Four rubber feet/legs are screwed on the bottom to protect its lower edges and corners.
Carcase parts for display.hsf
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Sample case for doors and drwrfrts.hsf
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Gene Davis

Re: Travel sample case

Postby Gene Davis » Sun, Feb 17 2008, 8:08AM

The file I attached to the first post has its grooved pair of "shelves" done with butt joints. The pic shown here shows the case in exploded view, and one of the partitions has b'dado joinery to index the parts where needed to accommodate the sample sizes.

In this image, the door for the top has been hidden, as well as all the "partitions" made from 1" "do not cut" stock, that are used to form the full dados for keeping the samples in place. Use a little sandpaper to ease the sharp edges of the dados, and your sample doors will travel just fine.

Exploded case.jpg
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Re: Travel sample case

Postby Lamar Horton » Sun, Feb 17 2008, 9:39AM

Gene that is a great idea. I may need to make me one of those.

BTW where is all the fan fair for me achieving "Senior Member" status. :joker:

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