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Kerry Fullington
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Postby Kerry Fullington » Thu, Dec 01 2005, 6:22PM

Thanks All,
This was fun to do.

Joe, if I get rid of the wires how do I plug the table in? Just kidding I hate cutting grommets through table and desk tops.

Mike, I am not very proficient with Photo Shop and sometimes a bad photo is just a bad photo. I need to take more time with them.

Jean, I hope I always have time to do \"Wood Work\".

Brian, I had to settle for my KNC (Kerry Nimbly Controlled) Router. Maybe someday.


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Lee Morris
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Postby Lee Morris » Sun, Dec 04 2005, 9:50AM

The chairs in the actual photo look exactly like the chairs in the final photo. How did you pull THAT off? A job well done!
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