Window Scroll

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Window Scroll

Postby BillHightower » Fri, Nov 14 2008, 2:35PM

I have not been on the Forum for awhile. What is with the window scroll on attachments?

Bill Hightower

Rick Palechuk
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Re: Window Scroll

Postby Rick Palechuk » Sat, Nov 15 2008, 1:03AM

Click on them to go full size.

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Re: Window Scroll

Postby DanEpps » Sat, Nov 15 2008, 8:19AM

It is a new feature of the latest version of phpBB (the forum software).

Remember in the old forum when someone would post a huge image and the entire thread was tow or three screens wide? This makes just the image scrollable instead of stretching out the whold thread--much easier to read.

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