Beer Box (Summit SCFR70FROST Beer Froster)

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Beer Box (Summit SCFR70FROST Beer Froster)

Postby George Davidson » Thu, Sep 30 2010, 8:38PM

Summit SCFR70FROST Beer Froster - Commercial
Freezers 35" H x 41" W x 24" D
There are 7-ST L's
I was going to fill it with beer but I was not sure what kind of beer everyone drinks :beer:
I had to make it in the Cad program.
I had 28 beer boxes and 4 walk-in boxes in the 3 night clubs I owned I did all the repairs to them.
I think I could rebuild one in my sleep now
Summit SCFR70FROST Beer
(2.39 MiB) Downloaded 207 times
Summit SCFR70FROST Beer Froster 2.jpg
Summit SCFR70FROST Beer Froster 4.jpg

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