Lazy Susan(Metal and Plastic) and Wall Lamp

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Lazy Susan(Metal and Plastic) and Wall Lamp

Postby George Rosa » Wed, Sep 25 2013, 2:46PM

I tried uploading this file to the site but it was impossible, I tried many times before and the same thing Can't Upload so I uploaded the files somewhere else
go to the link at the bottom if you are interested
If anyone wish to upload the files here, that's fine by me
If you have any trouble downloading please let me know.


Wire Round!kxE0jBTS!JrzkeSMpKS1G07MbmfrkumXq8ZwU0sRlecPFyfXbDqM

Wire Half Round!Jt1CSYIK!aeGPixCtQDuug_Jxyd1gEGoZMztXTZcGusnv-reIjE8

Wire Pie Cut!ExVlWLKK!D2TouHqzgY3cXsdew88klHIMd6cvMk2XlW2dZPPUUqw

New Plastic Suzan!xktjCKxQ!HmnyJ30bzJKUysyEllHFoD_qSa9GGHy0nae1T-h6b1I

Wall Lamp!45VCQLjK!NFm1cTw1segMKyXUuWDXf0ApChcjS8HEZChd49nqBxM


Poles for use with Lazy Susan!4p9lmKbb!GDJL_g7eUKg2e2SGMRwnu2FKsBQ9YgsPChPOKQWrc40

Older Plastic Lazy Susan!1sUjjJYR!aka_tDI9kZPLUS0-z1fqskkNmn8kt66ooEN0vZQmPbQ

ps. Believe me I try

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