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Nemanja Vujkovic
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Postby Nemanja Vujkovic » Fri, Aug 08 2008, 12:47PM

hey i am working with microvellum and the program will automatically create a .cnc file for me....
however i am not thrilled with the results and am exploring the other features....
it can create a .dxf file which has opened an entire new can of worms....
but i have resently discovered that microvellum creates cpout files... which you able to load in the thermwood control nesting... however there is no machining on the parts when i nest them.... it is just the basic outline of the parts..... does anyone have any ideas of why this is??

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Peter Walsh
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Postby Peter Walsh » Sun, Sep 14 2008, 2:25PM

This section of the forum is only used for eCab users who are looking for 3D images to include in their project renderings, such as corbels, etc.
Unless someone is looking for one of these, they will not be reviewing the postings here.
The best place to post your question is in the "Software" section of the forum. I am sure you will receive many replies.

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