5 axis probing

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5 axis probing

Postby Matt Quarles » Fri, Jan 08 2010, 12:26PM

I have just been asked if there was a way to mount a probe in a model 67 5 axis thermwood, probe a series of avk holes, and then shift the trimming program for any variation that may be found in the avk hole locations. I don't know if this is possible just wanting to know if anything is out there that might be able to do something like this.

Matt Quarles
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Ryan Hochgesang
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Re: 5 axis probing

Postby Ryan Hochgesang » Fri, Jan 08 2010, 2:32PM


There are a couple of adjustment options you would have on a 5 axis machine. If your wanting to adjust the depth of tool as it cuts, you can apply a Tool call to your NC program along with G47/G46 (Length comp ON/OFF), then place a desired comp value in the LENGTH field in tool management for the specific tool being used. This will allow a global adjustment for tool length at whatever angle the machine is cutting. Another commonly used method of adjustment for a 5 axis machine would be to use the G92 code. The G92 code allows you to make desired adjusts to various cutout locations within a part. For example, the following example shows moving the "X" location of a cut out positive by .1". This would be in an absolute type program (G90):

(** Original program code **)
G0 X24.5 Y 36.00 Z-12.00 (index to cutout)

(** Updated program code **)
G0 X24.6 Y 36.00 Z-12.00 (Adjusted index to cutout)
G92 X24.5 (Original value for X)
( At this point, the absolute program would run with an adjustment of .1 in the X axis, until the program is edited or adjusted again )

I hope this helps.
Ryan Hochgesang
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