5-axis Length Comp, part 2

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Dave Eno
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5-axis Length Comp, part 2

Postby Dave Eno » Mon, Feb 27 2012, 2:04PM

On our Version 5.5 and Version 7 Supercontrols, there's always been a problem single-blocking through program that use Length Comp. The "comped" position of the machine is incorrect when blocks that include B and/or C are executed. When the machine is in run mode, the entire program runs fine.

Our QCore control, unlike the older controls, will "forget" length comp after a M922 (3D hole macro) is used. Our workaround has been to add a G47 immediately after the M922 line.

Does anyone else have these problems? Anyone have any other workarounds?


Dave E.

Daniel Vonderheide
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Re: 5-axis Length Comp, part 2

Postby Daniel Vonderheide » Tue, Mar 06 2012, 9:01AM

We've been looking at the files you have sent in and it seems that the tool call prior to each M922 or M923 is causing the issue. The Qcore performs tool changes differently than the V7 and V5 and this difference is what allows it to work in V5 and V7 but not in V8. If you remove all of the unneeded tool calls, length comp should not need to be recalled each time.

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